May Prayer Update

Dear Prayer Partners:

God is doing a lot in our hearts and through our ministry. We are thankful to be a part of this ministry and continue to work with the hope and vision that God will use Equip2Counsel tools to bring spiritual and emotional healing to people around the world. We continue to see God do this as missionaries and local lay ministers tell us stories about how these tools are being used to set men, women, and kids free. The Word of God and Jesus himself promise over and over that God will answer our prayers—especially when these prayers are in agreement with God’s heart and will. We are so thankful for faithful prayer partners who do this work with us through your prayers.

We want to let you know what is happening in our ministry this next couple of months so you can be in prayer with us:

  • We work with the Wayzata Free Church counseling ministries. We counsel individuals from the church and community and also occasionally do some training in counseling tools.
  • We will be training a missionary couple who is home on furlough. They want to use these Equip2Counsel tools to minister to married couples when they return this fall in Poland.
  • We will be training an individual who is from the Twin Cities. This person is already involved in ministry among the homeless and wants to learn these tools to bring healing to those who need it.
  • We are preparing with our team for the summer Poland English Camp.
  • We have a few missionaries around the world that we continue to mentor, encourage, debrief, and work with. It is so encouraging to see how God is multiplying the impact of our ministry through the work of these gifted missionaries.

Sometimes, when I take a step back, we are amazed at all the things God is doing. Most of you are aware that Mary and I both work full-time as small business owners. If you have ever owned a small business, you know that this is typically an all-consuming effort. I truly enjoy my “day job” and we are so thankful that God uses this to provide for our family. But the most fulfilling part of our lives is this ministry work that God has put before us. We are so thankful that God continues to open doors and lead this ministry.

Here are some specific prayer requests:

  • Book: Before Mark Henderson died, we wrote a book together. It is a book that teaches how to practice forgiveness in a way that helps our brains understand that we have truly “let go” of these hurts and experience real, lasting freedom. I believe it is now time to publish this book. Please pray that God would pave the way for this book to be published this year and reach those who need it. Our next step is to design book-cover graphics.
  • Poland English Camp: We are praying this year that campers would catch a vision to start Bible Studies in their own families and local communities after the camp. This seems like an impossible prayer to me, but certainly in line with God’s heart for Poland!
  • We continue to pray for God’s will regarding a ministry opportunity this fall. Please pray with us that God will make it clear if we should travel and where we should travel on a ministry trip this fall.
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2 Responses to May Prayer Update

  1. Darsi Beasley says:

    Mike and Mary,
    This is all so exciting because you are following the heart of God and He will answer. Our dependence and obedience brings His Spirit in power. Thanks for your example and you are in my prayers!
    Love, Darsi

  2. loyl1 says:

    WHOHOOOO!!!! So excited for the book to be published!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sent from Outlook


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