Update: 2019 International Messengers Staff Conference

Dear Prayer Partners:

Thank you so much for your prayers this past week. It was a huge blessing to see the ways God answered all our prayers in this short trip. Mary and I do see the hand of God at work through our ongoing ministry here in the states, but often there is something special that happens when we travel overseas. We come back feeling like God has packed 6 months of ministry impact into a 7-day stretch. Why? I believe it is our Heavenly Father sending his Spirit to work in the hearts of the people around us as a result of your prayer petitions.

We had a wonderful time with Pastor Zbyszek and Edyta. After 18 years of ministry together, they have become dear friends and we cherish our times together. It was fun to see how God is blessing their work, and we were able to do some important coordination for this summer’s English camp.

We attended the International Messengers staff conference Wednesday – Sunday. The 3 seminars we taught on forgiveness, anxiety, and mourning were very well received and impactful. Many good questions arose in these forums, and it was rewarding to see how the attendees processed and absorbed these often-misunderstood concepts. Here are some comments we received:

The anxiety session was an answer to my prayers for many months. My adult son suffers from anxieties that seem completely irrational to me. Thank you for showing a way to help him!

I was mistreated and deeply hurt by a former employer. Church friends keep telling me I need to go back and reconcile, but I know from experience this only results in more hurt. Thank you for showing me how the Bible differentiates between forgiveness and reconciliation.

I am writing a book with the stories of women who have lost a baby. Thank you for sharing the Biblical teaching about mourning. I will highlight the mourning process in these stories to help readers find a way to healing.

I prayed to give my shame to Jesus, but still—every time I remembered my sin I felt shame. Now when I remember my sin, there is no shame. I am forgiven. Thank you for showing me a way to give my shame to Jesus and truly leave it with Him.

These are just a few of the stories that Jen Nagy (our teaching partner), Mary, and I got to be a part of. It was a wonderful week of ministry, and we learned some important spiritual truths ourselves. Thanks again for your prayer partnership. It baffles me that the Omnipotent God of the Universe has chosen to partner with us frail, broken humans. But the scriptures are clear: God acts when we ask. Thank you for “asking” with us so that we all can see this beautiful fruit play out in real lives.

Please pray with us as we look to the future…

  • Praise, praise, praise for a wonderful, impactful trip!
  • We have been invited to teach for a week at a discipleship training center in Alexandria, Egypt this fall. Please pray with us that God will show us if this is his plan and timing.
  • Pray as missionaries use the tools we taught at the conference. Pray that God will direct them, and people will be healed
  • Pray for our preparations as we now are starting to plan for the summer Family English Camp. Pray for unity within the team as we look forward to serving God together.

Thank you!


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3 Responses to Update: 2019 International Messengers Staff Conference

  1. wilsonm73 says:

    Great update and answers to prayer

    Mark Wilson Sent from my iPhone


  2. loyl1 says:

    So glad you had such a great trip!!! Can’t wait to hear more!


    Sent from Outlook


  3. Melanie Berger says:

    Welcome Back.
    Thank You Jesus for all he done and all he doing in you and thru you.
    Looking forward to all he doing now and in the future.

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