2019 International Messengers Staff Conference

Dear Prayer Partners:

I first of all want to thank everyone who prayed for us in response to our last letter. We made this special request for prayer because Mary and I and our ministry partners were feeling a tremendous amount of pressure almost to the point of hopelessness. God answered your prayers and the darkness has lightened. Of course, we still experience spiritual warfare, but the intensity level is much lighter. Thank you for standing with us through this time.

Mary and I (Mike) are looking forward to traveling overseas to attend the International Messengers mission’s European Staff Conference this next week. We are leaving this afternoon (Saturday, March 30) for a 10-day trip, returning on Monday, April 8. We are looking forward to connecting with and ministering together with our missionary friends from across Europe.

Prior to the conference, we will be spending 2 days with our friends Pastor Zbyszek and Edyta from Glogów, Poland. This time will give us an opportunity to connect with some of our camp ministry partners in the Glogów church and community. We will also be planning for the camp this summer. We want to bring some fresh ideas to this family English camp ministry and will meet with Edyta and Pastor Z so we can implement these in a way that will be fruitful in the Polish culture.

We will be driving from Glogów to Hucisko, Poland, a small town in the hills about 1 ½ hours north of Kraków. This will be our 5th time attending an International Messengers staff conference, and we have come to love the atmosphere and the people at these conferences. It is truly a family atmosphere.

We have been asked to present 3 training sessions during the conference, each giving specific counseling tools to missionaries. These men and women are on the front line, and often minister to those who are stuck in the hardest life situations. We are able to share some simple, powerful Biblically based tools that God can use to bring healing to hurting people. We also make ourselves available to meet one-on-one with missionaries or couples, and typically have a pretty packed schedule over the 3 days of the conference.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer as we make this trip. Please pray with us…

  • for Josiah (our teenage son) and our adult kids that God will care for, protect, and bless them while we are overseas.
  • traveling details and safety. It feels cliché to write this, but very small incidents could potentially derail our trip and ministry.
  • that God will give us wisdom as we make plans for the summer camp.
  • that God will connect us with the individuals who need our help and ministry.
  • that God will bless and multiply our training efforts so that these tools will be used to help many hurting families, couples, and individuals around the world.

Once again, we are so thankful for partners who stand with us—not only financially—but also in prayer. Thank you!

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2 Responses to 2019 International Messengers Staff Conference

  1. hendy545@aol.com says:

    Mike and Mary: We have been praying and will continue to pray as you travel and as you plan for this coming family camp as well as ministering to those at the conference. May you feel His hand of protection and strength as He uses you. Thank you for your obedience to Him.

    Dave & Shirley



    Please greet Z, E, J, & G for us. Wish we could bewith you. Does not seem possible that Josiahis a teenager. He was the baby the first timewe met you. We are praying daily. Richard & Joann (Abby)

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