Flying to Lebanon Today

We are packing the luggage and printing our training materials as we fly out this afternoon. Just wanted to make you aware of a few things as you pray for us.

Here is our general schedule for the week.

Tue 9th Flight
Wed 10th Evening arrival, time with local church leaders and IM staff
Thu-Tue 11-16th Teaching with Syrian church leaders on forgiveness
Wed 17th Training Lebanese refugee workers on helping trauma victims
Thu 18th Flying back to Minnesota

We will be traveling Tues, Oct 9 – Thu, Oct 18. Please pray for God to do the following:

  • Keep Mary and I healthy and able to do the work during our travels. Mike’s facial pain has been flaring up a bit in the past month. Pray that Mike will be able to teach!
  • Protection for the Syrian believers during their travels through a volatile country and border
  • In the past couple of weeks, geopolitical tensions have risen slightly with Israel, the neighbor to the south. It does not appear that anything substantial has changed at this point, but please pray with us that God will go before us and give us smooth passageways.
  • Ability to train these practical tools effectively in a few short days, so leaders can use the tools to bring God’s healing to others
  • Special wisdom for relating to our Arab brothers and sisters living in a very different culture
  • PRAISE: God has provided the exact amount we needed to purchase the laptop for our young Egyptian IM missionary friend. He is thrilled to be getting a laptop, and as a bonus it appears that he may be able to join us in Lebanon and complete the training with us. God is good. Please pray that the Lebanese authorities grant him a vacation VISA when he arrives in Lebanon!

As you know, traveling to Lebanon is a bit more of an adventure than our typical trip to Europe. But with this comes some really amazing opportunities to build the Kingdom of Christ in a spiritually needy and hungry region of the world. Thank you for joining us in prayer. The miracle we are praying for is that a group of Syrian believers will become equipped to return to their own people with a working understanding of how to help others practice Biblical forgiveness within some of the hardest life situations.

We are amazed at the opportunities that God has given a computer programmer and office manager from Minnesota. Thank you for praying with us as we take this trip.

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1 Response to Flying to Lebanon Today

  1. Carroll Miller says:

    Praying for you guys as you go and serve. Please greet the wonderful people there.

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