Family English Camp 2018

This evening (literally sitting on the plane as I post this) our Equip2Counsel team will be headed to Poland for our annual Family English Camp. We are excited that the entire team will be traveling (Doreen, Mary, and Mike) and participating all together in this ministry. In addition, our kids, KD Henderson and Josiah Snuffer, will be with us working as leaders and teachers.

Many of you have been faithful partners in this ministry with us for many years. It is wonderful to see how God continues to bless and touch lives through this work. In May, a team came and visited Minneapolis from our sister church in Glogow, Poland. We had the privilege of hearing a solo sung by a young woman from the church in Glogow. Both Ania (the soloist) and Gosia (the pianist) are college student who came to know Jesus at an English Camp. Each weekend they travel 120+ kilometers home from college so that they can lead worship with church family in Glogow. As these young women “performed,” the congregation was so moved not only by their musical skills, but it was clear that Ania and Gosha personally knew the Savior Jesus they were singing about.

Ania and Gosha are great examples of the “why” we keep going back to Poland. We are so thankful to be part of a ministry that is working with the Holy Spirit to move people forward in their relationship with God. Some move from atheism to a hope that God just might exist and He just might be good. Some decide to visit and begin attending Pastor Z’s Church or a Bible Study in Glogow. Others make a decision to entrust their lives to Jesus. Some, like Ania and Gosia, move into active Kingdom service and even positions of spiritual leadership.

We have a wide range of responsibilities at this camp. Mike and Mary are the American camp directors, partnering with Edyta and Pastor Z to lead the camp.  Our Equip2Counsel team will also be asked to be available for campers who request personal or marriage counseling. Doreen will be helping as our American worship leader. Josiah and KD will also be leading English classes, Bible Study small groups, team activities, working in Children’s ministries, and building relationships with teens and young adults. Our teens participate as full-fledged team members who carry a heavy load of responsibilities. It is fun to serve with them in ways that stretch our faith together.

Thanks so much for joining us in prayer. The trip dates are Thu, June 28 – Wed, July 11.

Please pray with us for this trip:

  • Pray for team unity amongst Americans and our Polish partners.  (John 13:35)
  • Pray for God’s protection over our family we are leaving here (Katherine S, Zachary S, Adrian S, and Michael H).
  • Please pray that God will work in the hearts of campers and move each one forward in his or her journey with Jesus.
  • We use indoor and outdoor class spaces. Please pray for dry class and activity times.

Mike, Mary, and Doreen
KD and Josiah

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2 Responses to Family English Camp 2018

  1. Carroll Miller says:

    Well done Michael. We look forward to serving together at the Camp.
    Carroll and Becky

  2. Darsi Beasley says:

    Mike and Mary,
    Yes, I will be praying for you and everyone involved! God is so faithful and your consistency is powerful. May you be full of wisdom and grace as you lead in love and truth. I wish I could be there too but will be on your prayer team. Love to Pastor z and Edyta, Derek and Agnes and to you!


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