European Missions Conference

This next Monday, April 2, Mary and I will be traveling to Poland to attend the International Messengers European Missions Conference. This is an annual conference for IM (International Messengers) missionaries, providing fellowship, Biblical teaching, and staff care for the men, women, and families serving God overseas. It is such a treasured time for the missionaries. This year about 250+ are expected to attend.

Mary and I will not only be attending the conference, but also have several responsibilities hosting some elective classes and seminars for conference attendees. On Thursday and Friday we will be facilitating a two-day course about forgiveness. This course discusses Biblical forgiveness in depth, and give the attendees a way how to practice forgiveness. This is a powerful tool not only for those who attend, but also is designed to be shared with those the missionaries minister to.

We will also be co-teaching / facilitating two 1-hour seminars during the conference. These seminars are designed to help believers understand how our brains process information and how we can be in control of our thoughts and emotions.

We are grateful to be co-teaching with Jennifer Nagy.  Jennifer is an IM missionary working on-staff at an international church in Warsaw. She is an extremely gifted counselor who has been trained in the Equip2Counsel tools and using these for several years. It is exciting to see these tools being used by someone we have trained, and to work with her passing these tools on to another group of ministers.

Thank you for praying for us, our ministry, and all who are at the conference. Mary and I will have an extremely packed weekend. Here is an overview of our schedule:

Monday (April 2): Flying out from MSP airport.
Tuesday: Arriving in Krakow, Poland. We will spend a night in Krakow which will give us an opportunity to rest and begin to adjust to the time zone changes.
Wednesday: Driving to conference. Begin teaching two-day class on forgiveness.
Thursday: Day 2 of two-day class on forgiveness.
Friday: Full conference officially begins. We will be teaching a 1-hour seminar on taking thoughts captive. We will also likely meet with individuals throughout the day.
Saturday: Fellowship and meeting with individuals throughout the day.
Sunday: Last day of conference. Teaching a 1-hour seminar about being in charge of our emotions.
Monday: Drive back to Krakow, then fly home.

Here are a few additional prayer requests:

  • Pray for safety for our kids at home who will not be traveling with us.
  • Ask God to make us effective teachers, bringing freedom to our students and tools which can be used by the missionaries in their own ministry.
  • We will be teaching new material with Jennifer this week. Pray that God will bring synergy to our teaching and we will be an effective team.
  • I have trigeminal neuralgia, which can cause excruciating pain when I speak. Please pray that God takes this away and/or give me grace to communicate effectively.

Thanks so much for continuing to join the Equip2Counsel ministry in prayer and financial support. We are so grateful to have a prayer team partnering with us as we take these trips.

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2 Responses to European Missions Conference

  1. Darsi Beasley says:

    Dear Mike and Mary, Thank you for sending this update. It is my pleasure to pray for you as you go again to our brothers and sisters in Poland. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to God’s call on your lives. Only in heaven will you see how God has multiplied your service and faith.

    Mike, your last request sounds a lot like Paul’s request for prayer for his thorn in the flesh to be removed and I am praying right now that you will be delivered from this. But, even if your aren’t, He will use you in mighty ways. May you both be filled with His Spirit and boldness to proclaim the powerful gospel of our Lord Jesus!

    Blessings, Darsi

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  2. Carroll Miller says:

    Hi Mary and Mike,

    Becky and I are so glad you both are coming to the Staff Conference to teach and for the high impact the Lord has given you in Poland over the many years you have been leading English Camps with Pastor Z.

    We look forward to learning from you at the seminars.

    In Him,
    Carroll and Becky

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