International Messengers Conference. Budapest, Hungary

Once again we have mixed emotions as we plan an Equip2Counsel trip. We feel like we are leaving ministry partners and family members as we head oversees without Doreen and Mark Henderson. God has sustained Mark through some awful, dark days as the Henderson family continues to fight the cancer in Mark’s body. But as a team, all four of us prayerfully decided the ministry must continue to move forward in the face of this opposition. Please continue to keep Mark and Doreen in your prayers. They would love to be traveling and ministering with us! We are hopeful that the four of us will minister together again, and ask you to join us in prayer for God to work and bring about this miracle.

Mary and Mike Snuffer will be traveling to a facility in the small town of Balatonszárszó, Hungary, about 1½ hours southwest of Budapest, Hungary. We will be meeting up with over 200 missionaries from International Messengers for a week-long conference. This weekend is designed to be a time of rest and encouragement for the missionaries who are continually investing their lives into men and women throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.

It will be the 3rd time the Equip2Counsel team has attended this annual conference. It is a great opportunity to have an impact on many missionaries. In the past, we have seen God work by providing counseling tools to missionaries for their ministry. It has also given us the opportunity to invest in the lives of couples and individuals, watching God bring healing and much-needed encouragement.

We will all be traveling Mar 26 through Apr 3. Mary and I will be leading a two-day seminar prior to the conference on Wednesday and Thursday (Mar 29-30). This small-group setting gives us an opportunity to go deep with a few missionaries, providing them with some training in counseling tools for their ministry. The rest of the conference is filled with special speakers and activities, but Mary and I will be making ourselves available to meet individually with missionaries or couples. God has already set up a couple of important appointments for us. Please pray that God will use these meetings to bring healing and encouragement—Mary and I know we are incapable without the Holy Spirit showing up and doing the work!

Mary and I are bringing both Adrian and Josiah along with us to minister to the many teens who will be attending the conference with their parents. Please pray for them to make quick connections and have an eternal impact on the kids they build relationships with in this short time.

Mary and Adrian will be continuing on to Poland for 10 days after this trip, but we will send another post next week with information about this trip.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for Mark and Doreen as they fight cancer.
  • Pray for the two-day conference, that God will raise up a few missionaries with a strong tool-set to bring healing to others.
  • Mike has been suffering from pain in his face (trigeminal neuralgia). Please pray that God will control these symptoms during the training sessions.
  • Pray that God will arrange meetings with the missionaries who need to talk with us personally.
  • Pray that God will use Adrian and Josiah to minister to teens in Hungary.
  • Please pray for all of us that God will use this time to build us up!
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