English Camp – Thanks for your prayers!

This year more than any, we were aware how much we were being sustained through prayer during camp. So we wanted to update you guys right away as we have just returned from our trip a couple of days ago. It was another fantastic camp, and we saw God working in new and powerful ways.

The actual camp ended this past Sunday. We had a wonderful, amazingly fruitful week. At the end of the week, Mary and I were beyond exhausted. In addition to our leadership and teaching responsibilities, Mary and I did about 5+ hours of counseling per day. Nearly every moment of every day was either working or an attempt to get a few hours of sleep. Our day started at about 6am and went to 12:30 or 1am. All of your prayers certainly sustained us when our energy and bandwidth for ministry ran out.

The results of the camp were amazing, though. 21 adults and teens that we know of indicated that they made decisions for Christ. Another 12-15 said they were processing this decision but we’re not ready yet. Mary and I personally saw two individuals commit to following Jesus in the counseling sessions. In a camp with approximately 50-60 teen and adult unbelievers, this is an incredibly high percentage for 7 days of relationship building. There is no explanation accept God’s Spirit showing up and answering your prayers.

Mary worked with the kids each day. The feedback on the kids program was so positive. So many parent were coming up and telling us how much their kids were talking about the activities and even the Bible lessons. Parents were so open to allowing their young children to be taught–not only English–but also the lessons from the scriptures. What a rare opportunity to introduce Jesus to the kids of unbelievers.

Thanks in great part to your prayers, God gave me (Mike) a boldness to preach the gospel directly and plainly this year. We were so busy that many of the teachings were prepared in the minutes before I needed to share them with the entire camp. Our theme was “Lose to Win.” Our message was: following Jesus is a life of blessing achieved by giving up all that we hold dear over to Jesus’ control. Not a very good sales pitch, but apparently God’s Spirit was present. Because many responded to the teachings that were presented throughout the week. Though not all accepted Christ, I am pretty sure God Spirit reached every heart. Some hard, closed hearts left the camp more open to learning more about the gospel. Many closed and open hearts surrendered to follow Jesus. Believers were challenged and chose to surrender more of their lives to Christ. Many American and Polish team members were stretched and experienced how they could be used by God to truly change lives through ministry.

What a blessing to be a part of this camp. Be confident that your prayers were moving God’s Spirit and the hearts of the Poles. You guys who stood with us in prayer have every right to rejoice with us as fellow workers. Though our hearts were extremely heavy not having Mark and Doreen with us, it was really encouraging to have their kids Michael and KD serving with us.

We so appreciate you prayers. Thank you for your faithful support of our ministry.

Mike and Mary

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2 Responses to English Camp – Thanks for your prayers!

  1. Judy Snuffer says:

    Thanks for the update. God blessed. We prayed for you all.

    Love, Mom

  2. Mark Wilson says:

    Great report Guys! So thankful.

    Mark Wilson

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    msnuffer posted: ” This year more than any, we were aware how much we were being sustained through prayer during camp. So we wanted to update you guys right away as we have just returned from our trip a couple of days ago. It was another fantastic camp, and we saw God wor”

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