Bucharest, Romania and Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners:

We are days away from traveling to Romania and Istanbul. Though we are looking forward to the going and doing the work, it has been an intense few months leading up to our trip. As you know, Mark Henderson has been in treatment for Esophageal Cancer for the past five weeks. The treatments have been difficult, but Mark’s strength through the process has surprised even the medical staff. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support through this process. We are certain Mark’s surprising endurance through the treatment is a result of God answering prayers.

Though Mark is doing surprisingly well, there are still some tests that need to be completed before he is cleared to go. Please be in prayer with us that God would give the ‘OK’ and the strength to make the trip. We are trusting God, though, whether or not Mark and Doreen are able to travel with us.  Mike and Mary are still going to be traveling and doing the work in Romania and Istanbul. God knew about the cancer before this trip was scheduled, and will accomplish whatever work he has planned for the team members who make the trip.

We leaving this Friday, October 23, traveling first to Bucharest, Romania and meeting with a group of missionaries and ministers. Our friends, Tom and Jill Clark, are missionaries in Bucharest and will be hosting us and have been coordinating the training.  We look forward to partnering with the Clarks and sharing some counseling principles and tools with these missionaries in Bucharest.

After 5 days in Bucharest, we will be taking a short flight to Istanbul, Turkey, to spend a couple of days with our friends. We are looking forward to spending a couple of days with them and hope to be an encouragement to them.

Some of our supporters have requested that we create a calendar so you know how to be praying for us each day of our trip. We so appreciate your prayers as we travel and do this work!

Date Activities Please Pray…
Fri 10/23 – Sat 10/24 Flying to Bucharest …for Mark’s health and strength as he travels.*

…for our travel to be without issues.

Sun 10/25 Spending the day recovering from jet lag and with the Clarks. …that we will sleep well and at night. Jet lag is a challenge!

…that preparations for our training will go smoothly.

Mon 10/26 – Wed 10/28 Counseling training and workshops

One-on-one training with individuals and couples

…that God’s Spirit will guide the training sessions and workshops.

…that missionaries will be further equipped to meet the needs of the Romanian people.

…for strength for our team as we will still be experiencing jet lag.

Thu 10/29 6am – Flying to Istanbul
Thu 10/29 – Fri 10/30 Spending time with our friends in Istanbul. …that we would be an encouragement to the family we are visiting.
Sat 10/31 Flying back to the US.

*We will send a follow-up post to let you know if Mark and Doreen are going to be able to travel with us.

Please pray for the following throughout the week:

  • Pray that Mark Henderson will have the strength to make the trip.
  • Pray that God’s spirit transcends language and cultural differences as we teach.
  • Pray that the missionaries will be equipped with new counseling tools and principles in order to better meet the needs of the people of Romania.
  • Pray for our children who will be back here in the states.
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3 Responses to Bucharest, Romania and Istanbul, Turkey

  1. D & D Anderson says:

    Praying actively for you as you get going these next few days. Romania’s darkness is different from Poland so go in resting in the grace we live in. Keep your hearts quiet and demand worship/thanksgiving from your selves as you love and serve. GRACE has never been taught so you will experience that impact as you work among the believers. Thank you for going and using your faith for such merciful purposes. Dar and Darlis

  2. stilwtrjen says:

    Praying for supernatural strength, healing, and for God’s complete provision and blessing over your trip!

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  3. Kristin & Brent says:

    Praying for all of you!! I Chron. 28:20: “David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service (of the temple) of the Lord is completed.” Amen!

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