English Camp Report

Just wanted to send our support team a quick note as to how we saw God work on our trip to Poland in July. Of course, it is always our intent to quickly send off a report to all of you when we get back, but jet lag and the busyness of Minnesota summers has delayed this communication for a few weeks.

As many of you have already heard in person, this camp was another amazing trip in which we really saw God’s hand at work. The feedback we often hear from our Polish friends is that they love the camps because of the amazing relationships that are developed. It is a place where God’s love is not just talked about, but eIMG_3561xperience in a community.

We faced some unique challenges with a diverse team from across the country and even across the world. We had native English Speakers from California, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Poland, Scotland, and Australia. Our Polish campers came from Ireland, Italy, Australia, the US, and of course Poland. But God even used these diverse personalities to demonstrate His love to the Poles. It is never easy to work with a group of people whom you are still getting to know. And it did provide, I think, many of us as team members with some unique interpersonal challenges. And, of course, these interpersonal interchanges and quirks do not escape the notice of the Poles. But God is good, and used even these challenges to glorify Himself. It is such a testimony when we face the awkwardness and discomfort of these situations with God’s grace and are able to respond in love.

It is also fun how God uses each of our gifts to minister in this environment. All four of us at Equip2Counsel (Mike and Mary, Mark and Doreen Henderson) attended the camp. Though it is a camp which is focused on teaching English, between the four of us, we probably did close to a dozen counseling sessions this week. God used these meetings to strengthen marriages and free men and women from some of their own personal struggles. During one session, Jesus met a young woman in a special way and she decided right there to give her life to God. What a blessing!

At the end of the camp, it seems none of us left unchanged. Whether teacher or translator or camper, it was a week that–I think–stretched each of us in our faith. The numbers do not tell the whole story, but the feedback we received from the camp evaluations is a testimony to how God worked. Of about 120 campers, 17 Poles indicated they made a decision to accept Christ. Another 6 Poles indicated the week had impacted them, but they are still deciding. Most put on their evaluations they are open to spiritual conversations in the future or to attend a Bible study.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. This letter is a report to give you a first-hand account that the money you have invested has made an impact. Your prayers have been heard and answered in amazing ways. Men and women will spend eternity in heaven because of God’s working through your prayers. And this is just the start. Many of these Poles who have given their lives to Christ are reaching out and leading others to Jesus. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry.

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