Poland Trip to Serve Ukrainians

Dear Prayer Partners:

Many of you know that Mary and I are leading a team to Poland once again this summer. With COVID restrictions hindering travel for many, it has been 3 years since we have been able to take a team on a missions trip. This spring, just as we were finalizing plans for a Family English Camp in Poland, the invasion of Ukraine was launched. In just a few weeks, an estimated 4 million Ukrainians poured into Poland. As we talked with Pastor Z and his wife Edyta, we all agreed that the greatest need was no longer an English camp. Instead, God redirected our efforts to serve and encourage the displaced Ukrainians now living in Głogów, Poland.

Pastor Z and his wife Edyta along with the entire church have been working tirelessly for months to provide shelter, find homes, secure employment, and even file official paperwork. It is a very difficult time for the Ukrainian women and children who have left their homes, husbands, fathers, friends, and families, and now must live in a foreign culture. Many lost both loved ones and homes to the violence. So, Pastor Z and Edyta have invited our team to host a VBS for children and a youth day-camp for teens. These events will primarily be for Ukrainian refugees but will also include some Polish children and teens.

It has been a wild couple of months planning this trip. After many years of running well-defined English Camps, we needed to create an entirely different plan from scratch, knowing little about what will transpire during our trip. For example, even one week ago did not know whether we would have 20 or 80 children attending the VBS program. We are beginning to pack our bags this weekend, and there are still so many unknowns. Dr Kevin Meyers, our pastor, taught from the story of Peter walking on water. As we get on this airplane this week, many of us are feel the discomfort of God asking us to get out of the boat. God has promised He will lead us and give us all we need as we go.

Here are some of the planned activities our team will be involved in:

  • A 6-day VBS for Ukrainian and Polish children ages 6-11
  • A 6-day day-camp for Ukrainian and Polish teens, ages 12-16
  • Optional Bible Studies for the teens immediately following the day camp
  • Several optional crafts for Ukrainian women.
  • Teaching for Ukrainian women regarding living heathy and parenting in times of extreme stress
  • Dinners in homes, hosted by local Polish families (both believers and unbelievers)
  • Evening Equip2Counsel seminars for the Polish church and community

There will be 21 team members flying into Warsaw, Poland and traveling by bus to Głogów. Our trip dates are this Wednesday, June 29 – Wednesday, July 13. As you can see, it will be an extremely busy week with team members serving in multiple locations throughout the day. Each day will likely bring surprises and changes to plans. We are trusting that God already has a perfect plan that will accomplish His perfect will, somehow through us—an imperfect team of Jesus’ followers.

Here are some prayer requests:

  • Team unity: “By this will everyone know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Jn 13:35
  • That God will give each of us boldness to speak and the words to communicate
  • That God will bring the people he wants to reach with the gospel
  • That God will use this trip to build his kingdom and bring hope to the Ukrainian people
  • That this week will be a time of peace, hope, and joy for the Ukrainian kids, teens, and women
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Beirut Post-trip Update

God had so much more planned for this trip than we could have ever organized. From the time we stepped off the plane in Beirut, God began to use Mary and I to do His work. So much happened in 10 short days that we are amazed at God’s sovereignty and his goodness. We are so thankful for your prayers.

There were times we saw God work in ways we expected through counseling, teaching, etc. But there were also times when individuals surprised us by saying things like, “I thank God you came. You did ____ in my life.” Mary and I were left wondering, “Really? What did we do that would help in that way?” We could only say, “Praise God. He did this in your life, not us.” It just reminded us that God’s sovereignty is so far beyond us and he can use us even when we are not aware of what he is doing.

Because we spend a lot of time counseling individuals, we do not always share specifics. But here are some of the highlights of the trip:

  • Lebanon has suffered about 800% inflation. Yes, that is correct: 1,500 LBP was worth $1.00 a year ago. Today it is worth about 12 cents. The government has frozen most personal bank accounts, attempting to artificially prop up the currency. Despite this, the Lebanese believers were incredibly welcoming and generous. It was humbling to be served and receive so much generosity from a people in such deep financial crisis.
  • We met with believers, missionaries, and ministers from Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, and Romania. We also met with native Syrians and Iraqis ministering and living in Lebanon. We saw God use these times together to minister and encourage our brothers and sisters in Lebanon. In the past year, these believers have started 2 schools for refugees, food distribution to needy families, and so many other ministries.
  • The conference was held Monday – Thursday, from 2pm to about 8pm each day. Coronavirus, infrastructure, and cultural differences brought us many opportunities to be flexible. At first it was quite stressful, but we decided to trust God through the hour-by-hour adjustments. God did not disappoint. As we look back on the week, we can see how He used many of these inconveniences to shape the week just as he wanted it.
    For example, on Thursday we planned to do one-on-one sessions with each attendee but did not have enough private meeting spaces. We had no power in the facility the entire day but continued with laptops, cellular data, and cellphone flashlights. The darkness created a sense of separation for each private counseling session even though most shared the same room. We hoped for working electricity, but God used this power outage to enable His work!
  • Mary had such a great ministry. God used her in powerful ways, and the Lebanese people were drawn to her. She had many opportunities to listen, counsel, and encourage.
  • We asked you to pray for unity. We experienced unity with a team from 3 countries. God is good. Thanks to Burgi Ohler (Germany) and Jennifer Nagy (Poland), who both worked selflessly with our team, even though they were unable to travel and attend in-person.
  • We asked you to pray for healing for the conference attendees. The attendees came with great needs but open hearts. We saw many take great strides toward healing from past trauma. Attendees learned about the power of forgiveness to bring healing. They also received tools and individual counseling to help them process fear and anxiety in a healthier way. It typically takes a few weeks to hear back from individuals how God is bringing change.
    One young man received help for a nearly debilitating anxiety. He knew the anxiety was irrational but still felt powerless in certain situations. Two days after the conference, he shared how he stepped into this same situation and experienced very little stress. Praise God!
  • We asked you to pray for God to raise up ministers in Lebanon to continue to use these tools to bring healing to the Lebanese church and people even after we left. The final chapter has not yet been written, but we left confident that the leaders understood the tools. Most had an opportunity to practice the tools in sessions with conference attendees. We will offer to continue to support this effort remotely via online tools like Zoom.

We are so thankful for what we saw God do. We have learned we are only one part of the team: As we see God’s hand at work, He is answering the prayers of our partners around the world. We have the privilege of being on the ground doing the work, but those of you who are faithfully praying for us will—for sure—share in the reward. I look forward to a time in glory when I imagine Jesus will open the books, explain how each person impacted a life through prayer or financial gifts or ministry, and honor all who faithfully played their part as lead by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for being our partners in this Kingdom work. Please continue to remember our brothers and sisters in Lebanon in your prayers. Ask God to keep them pure and holy, using them to reach the hurting and lost people of Lebanon!

Mike and Mary

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Beirut Trip Update

It has been a long day, but Mary and I have a few minutes this evening to send you a short update and a few prayer requests.

We have spent most of this week with the Nations Desire Church here in Lebanon. Four International Messengers’ staff attend this church. It has been such a blessing to get to know the heart of this body. Friday was Lebanon’s “Labor Day.” The church drove to a private park in the mountains for a picnic. About 35 from this small church were at the park from about 11am to 9pm. The setting was beautiful, and the food was delicious, but it was so humbling to see this body interact with the community. About 8 (25%) of the attendees were invited from a battered women’s shelter in town. They were welcomed and included in every activity. One young woman from the shelter told us, “This church treats me like family. It is my family.”

Of course, there were other families at the park. 3 men from the Druze community sat at a table in the middle of our group and began to smoke and drink hard alcohol. Many of the church stopped and introduced themselves to these young men. One young man from the church was about the same age. He spent at least 6 hours talking and building a friendship with these young guys. Before leaving they exchanged phone numbers and plan to follow up at a later time.

Fadia is our host at the apartment where we are staying. She talks to everyone she meets. At this park there was a woman who was selling tickets for entry to the privately owned park. Fadia began to talk to her about Jesus. The woman decided to accept Christ as her personal savior. After praying with this woman, Fadia asked Mary if she would come and pray with this woman. What a privilege to be a small part in this woman’s spiritual journey to God.


  • Mary has had many opportunities to minister and pray with women. Many immediately trust Mary and tell her their entire story. She prays with authority, and has used this gifting several times already this week.
  • I (Mike) was invited to preach this morning. It was such a blessing and a privilege. If anyone would like to watch the message, follow this link to the video.
  • So many 5-minute opportunities to minister and encourage. So thankful for the ways the church here has ministered to us.
  • Encouraged as we spend time with this small body of Christ working boldly in this difficult country and culture.

Prayer Requests:

  • There seems to be a simple cold running through the church. Mary and I would prefer not to share in this fellowship during the conference. 🙂 Please pray that we will stay healthy.
  • Mike’s trigeminal neuralgia (face pain) is flaring up a bit.
  • Please pray for the conference starting tomorrow. If you have ever traveled on a missions trip, you know that things are never as neat and tidy as you envisioned them. Please pray for us to be patient, listening to the Holy Spirit’s direction, and boldly obedient.
  • That God will raise up gifted men and women to use the tools to bring ongoing counseling and healing to the Lebanese people long after we leave.

Thanks again for your prayer and partnership in this ministry.

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Beirut Trauma Conference, Prayer Requests

It has been nearly 20 months since we have been able to travel on a mission’s trip. In the past year it feels like we have hardly been able to leave the house. It seems almost surreal to be packing for a mission’s trip to Lebanon. But the opportunity is significant, and we are looking forward to reconnecting with our ministry partners in Lebanon.

We appreciate your prayers as we travel. Here is our itinerary:

Day(s) Activities
Mon 4/26 Flight leaves at 12:55pm
Tue 4/27 Arriving in Beirut at 5pm. COVID test in airport upon arrival.
Wed 4/28 Should be a day of sleep / recovery.
Thu 4/29 to Sun 5/2   
  • 3-day quarantine recommended upon arrival
  • Visiting / encouraging / building relationship with the believers and missionaries in the area
  • Planning, coordination, and technology setup for the conference
Mon 5/3 to Thu 5/6 1pm – 9pm Trauma Conference
Fri 5/7 Trauma Conference follow-up
Sat 5/8 Traveling / Flying back to Minneapolis

Prayer requests:

  1. COVID travel comes with some additional challenges. As you pray for our health and traveling safety, ask specifically for God to oversee these extra steps, and these are not a hindrance to our ministry.
  2. Please continue to pray earnestly for Jen to receive her residency card. God knows best, but we believe Jen’s physical presence will significantly increase the ministry impact.
  3. That we will see God’s hand miraculously set individuals free from trauma and related anxiety.
  4. That gifted local believers will:

    • Learn the tools to be able to continue to counsel effectively, even after we leave
    • Start a local counselor’s group where they can support one another, learn together, and continue the ministry
    • Continue to train and raise up new gifted individuals to multiply the in-country impact of the ministry
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Trauma Conference, Beirut, Lebanon

A couple of weeks ago, Mary and I received an unexpected invitation from some missionary friends in Beirut, Lebanon. Anthony and Elie have been on staff with International Messengers for about 5 years. These young men are Lebanese nationals who serve the Lord faithfully in their home country. God has given them a heart for their country. They lead a small team of national missionaries who work to bring the gospel while they meet physical and practical needs.

Anthony reached out to us and invited us to come and share tools for helping survivors of trauma. This is an area of counseling where God has given Mary and I understanding and gifting. Lebanon is in a state of economic and political crises. This small country with less than 7 million citizens has experienced an influx of more than 1.7 million refugees, mostly from neighboring Syria. The huge fertilizer explosion last year was followed by the worldwide pandemic, creating further instability. Inflation in 2020 was 85%, creating even more hardship for the poor and middle class of Lebanon.

International Messengers has been partnering with the local church in Lebanon. The massive refugee population in this small country is both a crisis and an opportunity for the gospel. Many of these displaced people will return to countries which have been unreached for many generations. International Messengers’ ministries reach out to both the Lebanese people and refugees living in Beirut. In this volatile, war-torn region, countless individuals have survived traumatic events. For many of the children and youth, crisis has been a constant companion. It is a challenge to bring real and lasting healing to individuals.

Mary and I have partnered with Jennifer Nagy, an extremely gifted missionary living in Warsaw, Poland. Ben and Burgi Ohler, leaders of International Messengers in this region, also hope to join us and work with us. We are planning to travel between April 26 and May 9, 2021. As a team, we have the following 2 goals for this conference:

  1. Work with a small group of survivors of traumatic events, offering teaching and individual counseling to bring God’s healing.
  2. Work with a hand-picked group of Lebanese believers to give them tools and training so they can continue to help hurting, traumatized individuals as an ongoing ministry.

We are planning to hold weekly training meetings (via Zoom) for the next 5 weeks to help prepare our Lebanese partners for this ministry. The conference is an opportunity to further train and mentor the local church while bringing real healing to hurting individuals.

Of course, none of this is possible without the wisdom and healing of the Holy Spirit. We have crafted a ministry plan that we believe will have a significant and lasting impact in Lebanon, but we fully understand that only God can bring healing and lasting change to this hurting people. Please pray with us, expecting God to answer these prayers:

  • Unity amongst a team from the US, Poland, Cyprus, and Lebanon.
  • Ben and Burgi will only be able to travel to Lebanon if they receive a COVID vaccine. Please pray that God eliminates language and cultural barriers and are able to receive this immediately.
  • Jennifer Nagy is unable to leave Poland until her residency papers are issued. Please pray with us that this paperwork will be approved and issued quickly so that she is able to join us.
  • Pray that the borders will remain open for us to travel.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to do this ministry. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer!

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Poland English Camp Update

On Friday night, I (Mike) stood before a group of about 170 Polish adults, teens, and children with this message: “God is asking you to give up your hopes and your dreams and even your identity. He asks us to die to these things and come follow Him.”

What an absurd marketing pitch! Who would sign on to follow a God who asks us to give up everything we value? The theme verse for this year was Romans 5:8: “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” God gives back so much Logomore than we could ever possibly give up following Him. As a team, we brought this message through Bible reading, devotionals, worship and singing, personal testimonies, many hours of personal interaction, and by demonstrating God’s love by the way we loved our fellow team members. It was a powerful, unstoppable message.

Each year as the camp draws to a close, our team meets together and reads through the survey results written by the students. There were many surprises, praises, and joyful tears as we learned how God had impacted the students. It was clear to us as we read the feedback that God penetrated the hearts of every student and translator at the camp. Here are some of the results / praises:

  • Approximately 35 adults and high school students indicated that they decided to trust Jesus as their Savior during the camp.
  • 9-10 pre-teens (ages 10-13) indicated that they made a similar decision during the camp.
  • Many students indicated that they really enjoyed the Bible Reading time.
  • Several students indicated that they will start to read their Bibles after the camp.
  • Many who did not accept Christ indicated that they are going home considering this weighty decision as they leave the camp.

Becky Miller, who has taught at 20+ English camps, shared this with me this morning, “I have never seen this happen at a camp before—every unbeliever in our group accepted Christ this week! It is so wonderful!”

Every single Bible reading group included people who indicated that they accepted Christ this week. What a blessing, and what a confirmation of the countless investments of time, effort, finances, and prayer that went into this week.

We were proud of Josiah who worked hard, built relationships with Polish kids and teens, invested in the other team members and served God faithfully throughout the week. The entire team was an absolute blessing to lead. Our members served faithfully, were transparent, allowed others to help with difficulties or discouragement and loved one another with the love of Christ. This testimony shone so brightly to the campers.

Mary and I walked into the week quite discouraged and exhausted. Many team members shared similar stories of discouragement as we started the camp on Sunday. In a way that only God could do, He used this incredibly busy and exhausting jet-lagged week to encourage, strengthen, reinvigorate, and bring joy to us and to these team members.

For more information, check out the pictures and videos at: FamilyEnglishCamp.PL

As this trip draws to a close, we are looking forward to the next ministry steps. Here are a few things you can continue to pray with us:

  • God has not made it clear whether Mary and I will be traveling overseas for ministry this fall. Please pray with us that God will give us a clear answer.
  • We will be hosting at least 2 missionaries in our home and providing training in counseling tools this summer / fall. Please pray that God will expand the reach of these tools to more hurting individuals through this training.
  • God has moved things forward on the Forgiveness book providing a marketing expert who will help us package the book and design a cover. Please pray with us that this process will continue to move forward.

Thank you again for your financial and prayer partnership!

Mike, Mary, and Josiah

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Poland English Camp #17

17 years. That is how many consecutive years we have been able to serve in Poland Family English Camps. As we look back, we realize that God has made this unlikely journey possible. Sixteen years ago, we signed up for one camp.  One. We decided to try bringing our kids, and honestly weren’t even even sure this was a great idea. But looking back at all the things God has done, we are so thankful that God has sent us back each year. We see God work in the lives of Poles each year, and nothing has shaped us or our kids more than these missions trips.

Today as we board our flight toward Poland, we are not looking back—but forward to the next two weeks of ministry. Once again, God has been faithful and provided a team of 32 Americans from across the Midwest and from Europe.  Family English Camp starts on Sunday, so the team’s travels will converge Friday evening in Kudowa Zdrój (pronounced Coo-dō-va Zdroo-ey). We will have a couple of days to begin to adjust to jet lag, to finalize planning for the week, and to gel as a team. Anyone who studies team dynamics will know intuitively that 24 hours is not enough time to develop team dynamics, but ironically these relationships are the foundation for our week of ministry. Jesus taught that if we are going to be a light to the lost, we must start by loving one another. The call is not to “tolerate,” or even to “get along.” Jesus said, “They will know you are my disciples by how you love one another.” Christlike love for one another is not only God’s command, but the fuel that ignites the fire in the hearts of the lost.

On Sunday, about 160 Polish campers will show up at the camp. This will include campers of all ages, but we expect a larger number of youth and teens this year. In a typical camp, about 60-70% of the campers would identify themselves as unbelievers. For many, this camp will be the first time they have ever personally opened and read the Bible for themselves. It will be the first opportunity they have to experience a Christ-centered community lead by God’s Spirit. This is why we all do our part by investing our time, our prayer, and our money. These trips give us this rare opportunity to live in this fishbowl environment for a week and introduce Jesus to these wonderful, lost people.

Our trip starts today, and continues through Wednesday, July 10. Thank you for praying with us for the following:

  • The enemy seems to be attacking our family through discouragement this year. Pray that we would persevere and experience God’s encouragement as we lead and serve this week.
  • That the team would love one another with God’s love as we work together in a challenging and fast-paced environment.
  • That many would experience God this week and would want to know more.
  • That the enemy would not be able to disrupt our plans by impacting our families, jobs, etc. back home.
  • We will be inviting campers to start Bible studies on their own after the camp with their families or friends or coworkers. Please pray with us that some campers would catch this vision and begin Bible studies within their own communities.

Thank you again for partnering with us in prayer!

Mike, Mary, and Josiah

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May Prayer Update

Dear Prayer Partners:

God is doing a lot in our hearts and through our ministry. We are thankful to be a part of this ministry and continue to work with the hope and vision that God will use Equip2Counsel tools to bring spiritual and emotional healing to people around the world. We continue to see God do this as missionaries and local lay ministers tell us stories about how these tools are being used to set men, women, and kids free. The Word of God and Jesus himself promise over and over that God will answer our prayers—especially when these prayers are in agreement with God’s heart and will. We are so thankful for faithful prayer partners who do this work with us through your prayers.

We want to let you know what is happening in our ministry this next couple of months so you can be in prayer with us:

  • We work with the Wayzata Free Church counseling ministries. We counsel individuals from the church and community and also occasionally do some training in counseling tools.
  • We will be training a missionary couple who is home on furlough. They want to use these Equip2Counsel tools to minister to married couples when they return this fall in Poland.
  • We will be training an individual who is from the Twin Cities. This person is already involved in ministry among the homeless and wants to learn these tools to bring healing to those who need it.
  • We are preparing with our team for the summer Poland English Camp.
  • We have a few missionaries around the world that we continue to mentor, encourage, debrief, and work with. It is so encouraging to see how God is multiplying the impact of our ministry through the work of these gifted missionaries.

Sometimes, when I take a step back, we are amazed at all the things God is doing. Most of you are aware that Mary and I both work full-time as small business owners. If you have ever owned a small business, you know that this is typically an all-consuming effort. I truly enjoy my “day job” and we are so thankful that God uses this to provide for our family. But the most fulfilling part of our lives is this ministry work that God has put before us. We are so thankful that God continues to open doors and lead this ministry.

Here are some specific prayer requests:

  • Book: Before Mark Henderson died, we wrote a book together. It is a book that teaches how to practice forgiveness in a way that helps our brains understand that we have truly “let go” of these hurts and experience real, lasting freedom. I believe it is now time to publish this book. Please pray that God would pave the way for this book to be published this year and reach those who need it. Our next step is to design book-cover graphics.
  • Poland English Camp: We are praying this year that campers would catch a vision to start Bible Studies in their own families and local communities after the camp. This seems like an impossible prayer to me, but certainly in line with God’s heart for Poland!
  • We continue to pray for God’s will regarding a ministry opportunity this fall. Please pray with us that God will make it clear if we should travel and where we should travel on a ministry trip this fall.
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Update: 2019 International Messengers Staff Conference

Dear Prayer Partners:

Thank you so much for your prayers this past week. It was a huge blessing to see the ways God answered all our prayers in this short trip. Mary and I do see the hand of God at work through our ongoing ministry here in the states, but often there is something special that happens when we travel overseas. We come back feeling like God has packed 6 months of ministry impact into a 7-day stretch. Why? I believe it is our Heavenly Father sending his Spirit to work in the hearts of the people around us as a result of your prayer petitions.

We had a wonderful time with Pastor Zbyszek and Edyta. After 18 years of ministry together, they have become dear friends and we cherish our times together. It was fun to see how God is blessing their work, and we were able to do some important coordination for this summer’s English camp.

We attended the International Messengers staff conference Wednesday – Sunday. The 3 seminars we taught on forgiveness, anxiety, and mourning were very well received and impactful. Many good questions arose in these forums, and it was rewarding to see how the attendees processed and absorbed these often-misunderstood concepts. Here are some comments we received:

The anxiety session was an answer to my prayers for many months. My adult son suffers from anxieties that seem completely irrational to me. Thank you for showing a way to help him!

I was mistreated and deeply hurt by a former employer. Church friends keep telling me I need to go back and reconcile, but I know from experience this only results in more hurt. Thank you for showing me how the Bible differentiates between forgiveness and reconciliation.

I am writing a book with the stories of women who have lost a baby. Thank you for sharing the Biblical teaching about mourning. I will highlight the mourning process in these stories to help readers find a way to healing.

I prayed to give my shame to Jesus, but still—every time I remembered my sin I felt shame. Now when I remember my sin, there is no shame. I am forgiven. Thank you for showing me a way to give my shame to Jesus and truly leave it with Him.

These are just a few of the stories that Jen Nagy (our teaching partner), Mary, and I got to be a part of. It was a wonderful week of ministry, and we learned some important spiritual truths ourselves. Thanks again for your prayer partnership. It baffles me that the Omnipotent God of the Universe has chosen to partner with us frail, broken humans. But the scriptures are clear: God acts when we ask. Thank you for “asking” with us so that we all can see this beautiful fruit play out in real lives.

Please pray with us as we look to the future…

  • Praise, praise, praise for a wonderful, impactful trip!
  • We have been invited to teach for a week at a discipleship training center in Alexandria, Egypt this fall. Please pray with us that God will show us if this is his plan and timing.
  • Pray as missionaries use the tools we taught at the conference. Pray that God will direct them, and people will be healed
  • Pray for our preparations as we now are starting to plan for the summer Family English Camp. Pray for unity within the team as we look forward to serving God together.

Thank you!


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2019 International Messengers Staff Conference

Dear Prayer Partners:

I first of all want to thank everyone who prayed for us in response to our last letter. We made this special request for prayer because Mary and I and our ministry partners were feeling a tremendous amount of pressure almost to the point of hopelessness. God answered your prayers and the darkness has lightened. Of course, we still experience spiritual warfare, but the intensity level is much lighter. Thank you for standing with us through this time.

Mary and I (Mike) are looking forward to traveling overseas to attend the International Messengers mission’s European Staff Conference this next week. We are leaving this afternoon (Saturday, March 30) for a 10-day trip, returning on Monday, April 8. We are looking forward to connecting with and ministering together with our missionary friends from across Europe.

Prior to the conference, we will be spending 2 days with our friends Pastor Zbyszek and Edyta from Glogów, Poland. This time will give us an opportunity to connect with some of our camp ministry partners in the Glogów church and community. We will also be planning for the camp this summer. We want to bring some fresh ideas to this family English camp ministry and will meet with Edyta and Pastor Z so we can implement these in a way that will be fruitful in the Polish culture.

We will be driving from Glogów to Hucisko, Poland, a small town in the hills about 1 ½ hours north of Kraków. This will be our 5th time attending an International Messengers staff conference, and we have come to love the atmosphere and the people at these conferences. It is truly a family atmosphere.

We have been asked to present 3 training sessions during the conference, each giving specific counseling tools to missionaries. These men and women are on the front line, and often minister to those who are stuck in the hardest life situations. We are able to share some simple, powerful Biblically based tools that God can use to bring healing to hurting people. We also make ourselves available to meet one-on-one with missionaries or couples, and typically have a pretty packed schedule over the 3 days of the conference.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer as we make this trip. Please pray with us…

  • for Josiah (our teenage son) and our adult kids that God will care for, protect, and bless them while we are overseas.
  • traveling details and safety. It feels cliché to write this, but very small incidents could potentially derail our trip and ministry.
  • that God will give us wisdom as we make plans for the summer camp.
  • that God will connect us with the individuals who need our help and ministry.
  • that God will bless and multiply our training efforts so that these tools will be used to help many hurting families, couples, and individuals around the world.

Once again, we are so thankful for partners who stand with us—not only financially—but also in prayer. Thank you!

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